Mason Andruskiewicz


Billy DMason Andruskiewicz has been tapping out rhythms and making instruments out of household objects since he was a kid. After getting a degree in engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, he rediscovered his love of music and began studying the great percussionists (Elvin Jones, Idris Muhammad and Steve Gadd, to name a few).

A few short years later, he found himself ingrained in the Boston music scene. He's been fortunate enough to perform with some of the city's most talented musicians, not to mention have opportunities to play in Chicago, New Orleans and New York.

Mason joined Billy D and the Rock-its in 2015, and has since fallen in love with Doo Wop.

When he's not playing drums, he enjoys traveling, baking, and trying new foods. He's always on the hunt for a good beer and a spicy meal!