Tony Vento

Tony Tony Vento was born into a  family of musicians and singers. His father, mother, aunts and uncles were musicians and singers in the fabulous forties! Boston-born Tony moved to NYC to pursue a career in music. At the right time, he moved to LA where all his NYC training came to life. In short, he played the club and lounge scene for twenty years.

Eventually this led to his original songwriting with then-partner Bill Schneider. In addition to Bill's piano playing, he was the head vocal arranger for superstar Bette Midler. Tony and Bill's songs won a bit of notoriety on radio stations both locally and nationwide.

A visit to Las Vegas led to several years living there, where Tony worked the Strip. His first engagement was at the Vegas World Hotel entertaining the entertainers from many of the major hotels, where Sammy Davis Jr. often hosted these gala engagements. Meeting Sammy for Tony was and still is a keepsake memory. Tony and his band were featured at many of the hotels, but his favorite and most memorable engagement was the contract where he performed 28 shows at Caesar's Palace, opening for headliners and playing in the hotel's lavish lounges!