Nick White

Billy DNick White grew up in post-war London, the son of a professional musician who was principal viola at the Royal Opera in London, and additionally as a session musician. Nick was torn between art and science - playing music, building amplifiers and working with early synthesizers. He initially chose music, teaching in a high school in England, but an opportunity to work in science and technology drew him away. 

Fast forward to the 21st century – Nick has had a great career in science and technology, during which he immigrated to the US. Missing music, he took up bass, and was privileged to learn on-the-job, playing with musicians from the New Orleans diaspora in Massachusetts.

Nick loves most genres of music, but 50s rock and 60s Motown (plus the British invasion) are passions. He plays upright bass and electric bass guitar, as the music demands. 

He still uses 1950s tube amps and home-built speakers at home. You might say that Nick is a Rock-it Scientist!